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American printers have been printing advertising posters since the colonial days, but the oldest, continuously operating print shop in the country isn't in Boston, New York or Philadelphia it's in Muncie Indiana.


Posters are visual barometers that take us to another time and place. They record in vivid colors and shapes the cultural, the historical, and the commonplace. These nostalgic images help us to understand and enjoy part of the past. All the while keeping this art form alive in the digital age.


Tribune Showprint began as the Benton County Tribune in 1878. The original owners, A.L. Pittenger and Richard Stockholm opened the shop in Fowler, IN above the local bank. The shop specialized in show cards that could be placed in shop windows or posted outdoors to advertise events and political campaigns. In April of 1977 the shop was purchased by Arvel and Mildred Furr. It moved to Earl Park from Fowler after World War II and its owner, Arvel Furr, specialized in posters. In 2001, Mrs. Kelley purchased the shop from Johnny, who continued to run the shop after his father passed away. In May of 2016 Tribune Showprint was purchased by Kim Miller and Her Husband from Mrs. Kelly.


Tribune Showprint has printed showcards for countless politicians, fairs, carnivals, races, auctions and movies. Some of its more famous clients have included B.B King, the Jackson Five, the Blues Brothers and George Clinton and Parliament-Funkadelic.

Years ago, the business printed newspapers, letterheads and other items.The Babcock flatbed presses are identical to those used by weekly newspapers in the1800s.
Tribune Showprint now designs and produces hundreds of made to order posters for concerts, sporting events, festivals, and carnivals one letter at a time.

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